Philadelphia Hash House Harriers

News: We have ordered PATCHES!!! We should have them in a few weeks. Price will be $3 each. Bring $3 to a hash coming up and you can buy one!

Receding Hareline

Philly H3 #1961 - February 18th - Mardi Gras Parade Hash + Concert, Hared by Under the Siege. Parade at 11am, Trail at 4pm, Concert at 8pm. Starting Location: Bourbon Blue Directions

February 25th: POSTPONED!!! STAY TUNED FOR A NEW DATE!!! - Wissahickon with Silence of the Goats and Rubber Ripper,3pm? More info TBA!

Philly H3 #1962(?) - March 11th - Philly Green Dress R*n, 2pm at Woody's. Register online here! Directions

Philly H3 #1963(?) - March 25th - Main Line Shiggy Trail hared by Pantyfile and Blink 5'2", 3pm? More info TBA!

Philly H3 #1964(?) - April 22 - Three Balls 60th Birthday Hash. More info TBA!

Philly H3 #1965(?) - April 29 - Recent transplant Orgy Porgie Puddin' N Pie Hares Her Virgin Philly H3 Lay. More info TBA! Directions
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All those empty dates are wide open for YOU to sign up!!!

If you have trouble viewing the calendar - Click here to see all upcoming hashes on the schedule - that we are currently aware of...
We are trying to add an alternate "nearby" hash of the week within a couple hours driving distance on the weeks Philly does not have a scheduled local hash and will be alternating local nearby kennels to give you all some love. So if you know of one we should include, contact Tits of Steel.


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Congratulations to our new Grand Master Tits of Steel and our other new officers.  You can see the full roster of reprobates here.

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Philadelphia Hash House Harriers


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Runs are every Saturday at 3:00pm (or otherwise noted) until May at which time they switch to Tuesdays at 6:30pm (except when they are at other times, hopefully also noted).

Are you looking for other hashes in the Keystone State?  If so, click here for the skinny.  Note that most of the links are out of date so you might do better with Google.

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