Philadelphia Hash House Harriers

General Information

Welcome to the Philadelphia Hash House Harriers.  We are the Philadelphia chapter of the world's largest running organization.  The Philly chapter was founded in December, 1977, and has run over 1850 weekly runs.  We run most Saturdays in the winter at 3:00pm.  From May until mid-September, our runs are held Tuesdays at 6:30pm (or sometimes on Saturday afternoon).



What is hashing?






Hashing started in Malaysia just prior to the outbreak of WWII hostilities.  Now, with well over 1000 chapters, it's the largest running organization in the world.  But the heck with history, just come give it a try.  We are a group of people who like to get together weekly for a non-competitive romp through the woods and some beer and food.


We follow piles of flour that mark the trail.  Every quarter mile or so, we come to a "check" which is marked with an "X."  At that point, the next mark may be hard to find.  The faster

 runners scout out for the next mark (beware the false trail!) and the less energetic runners stand at the check and catch their breath.  When true trail is found, it's "on, on!" to more trail.  Occasionally, there is a beer stop in the run with some liquid carbo-loading available.


For information on our next run, click here.  The link gets updated a few days prior to the run.  So if it is a few days out-of-date, check back closer to the next run.  If you have questions about hashing, please email "Dip," our webmaster, at


That's about it.  If you are interested, come give it a try.